[Fixed] Issues after deleting frame

Hi, I encountered some issues after deleting frames in middle of timeline

There are minimum steps to reproduce:
1) Create new project with default settings
2) Insert 2 more frames
3) On last frame draw something
4) Choose first frame and delete it
5) Select last frame - now it is empty
6) Save project, close it and open - now there are 6 frames in it, not 2, but drawing is again present in last frame

version 0.2+git05-3 from Debian testing

[Fixed] Error cannot open project!

When opening an ongoing project, the screen stays blank and a red rectangle saying "Error cannot open project" pops at the bottom right corner.

I've been using the storyboard settings, had about 45 frames with no animation, one single layer pencil sketches, and text on scene description

Would really appreciate some guidance to debug this file and recover quite a few days work

Thanks a lot!

[Pending] Corrupted file

Hello! My name is Guacamayo, I'm new using Tupi and an all around newb.
I'm using version 0.2 on Xubuntu.
I imported a bitmap array yesterday and everything was ok, but I couldn't save the project. Today I tried importing again the bitmap array but it would take around 3 hours and in the end the program would block itself, not letting me save the project.
So, I tried using the OSX version (on a Mac, of course) and, although I was able to import the bitmap, I can't open the file on Xubuntu.

[Pending] Preferencias y gradiantes en Windows

En la versión de windows me aparecen destildadas (no se pueden marcar) las opciones para cambiar preferencias o para seleccionar la opción de color para crear una paleta gradiante. Quisiera saber si es así esa versión, y saber si están planeando mejorar esos apartados. Muchas gracias.

Tupi 0.2 revision git05 installer for Mac

It has been a while since we released the Tupi version 0.2 rev git05. For that time, we never published an installer for Mac OSX and the reason is pretty simple: we do not have Apple hardware and we can't afford it, so basically we can't create the installers by ourselves.
Nevertheless, from time to time, someone give us the chance to work a couple of days on a Mac machine so we can build the installer depending on the current version of the project.

[Pending] Papagayo file upload Ubuntu

Hi, Tupi crashes on Ubuntu when I try to upload a 60kb .pgo file. When I used the sample from Papagayo's tutorial files, "vista.pgo" it worked, but it cant seem to upload my file.

What could be the problem?

[Pending] Interface suggestion - timeline and action/project buttons bar

1- There's a huge empty space that can't be used for anything else around timeline button/icons. Can button/icons be placed on the side instead of top area? if so, we gain vertical space and drawing area or timeline layer list can be higher/bigger

2. The project/action buttons (new, save, close, etc) bar is a large empty area. If removed, we gain are vertical space for drawing area. Maybe reposition the bar? or removed from default?

[Out of Context] Windows7 32bits - missing tweening options

I installed win7 (32bits) version in a win8 and I'm running Tupi in compatibility mode (as win7). Not sure if these are bugs or options because this is the 1st (and only) 0.5 version that I tried and I know some interface features changed. Anyway...
- Tweening icons missing: I only have Shear Tweening
- No select object: I only have select nodes (can't select a object)
- No contour fill icon (can't change the contour of a square, only fill the square)
- No group/ungroup icons

[PENDING] Animated image format

Animated gif or apng could be useful for a web manual that I'm writing. Right now, I have to use gimp (gap) for animated gifs but I think Tupi could do this really well.

[SOLVED] Icons also for join in pen properties

In pen properties, we have icons for dashes and cap. I think we also should have icons for join

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