[Route Map] Nodes made easier to edit?

Is there any way to easily edit the nodes? I select the nodes, then could not find a way how to edit it (other than moving beizer handles). I mean, there is no submenu showing up how to delete, add, or connect the nodes to other nodes. Maybe it can be improved up to add a submenu or directions how to edit nodes? Thank you.

[Bug Tracing] Image sequences

I can not import image (PNG) sequences in the latest version of Tupi. Maybe a bug? Thanks.

Tupi Community: Very Important Survey! (Encuesta / Pesquisa)

Dear members,

As a key component of our development strategy for the short and middle term of the project, we want to ask you for your help filling a short survey about our Tupi community. The more information we can collect, the better input we have to define our next development goals.

[Route Map] Adding shortcuts

I have seen and used other software and all had shortcuts.
I understand the simplicity and love it but still it is very hard to navigate each time for the brush or setting.

Tupi 0.2 revision git08 (Beraba)

Dear community,
I'm so happy to announce Tupi's third minor release of the year.
With every new version, the bonds between the project and our community get stronger, which is a great motivation for every member of our little crew of collaborators. The response of new users has been overwhelming for us! Thank you! :D

About this version, here is the list of most significant achievements:

  • Lip-sync module bug fixed
  • French language basic support
  • Position/Rotation tween improvements
  • Canvas rotation feature enhanced

Tupi 0.2 revision git07 (Mena)

Hi everyone!
It gives me great pleasure to announce the releasement of our second minor revision of the year. Our way to a mature product and a perfect user experience is still far away, but with every new release, we are getting a little bit closer to the goal.
About this version, these are some of the improvements:

  • Preference dialog
  • Dark/Light theme support
  • Undo/Redo for object transformations
  • Undo/Redo for node edition
  • Refactoring of the Color palette interface

Tupi 0.2 revision git06 (Kunumi)

After a year without significant activity, this release has an special meaning not only because it represents the continuity of the project but our strong intention of making of Tupi a professional tool for educational and young artists communities around the world.

This is still a minor release but it contains important improvements related to this features:

  • Group/Ungroup Objects
  • Exposure Sheet
  • Library Module
  • Full Screen Mode
  • Undo/Redo Actions (Work in progress)

[Fixed] Issue with deleting layers

Deleting a single frame deletes all of the frames. Pressing Ctrl+Z to undo it creates a single frame in a new layer and crashes Tupi.

Tupi version 0.2-git5 devel branch on Ubuntu 14.04LTS.

[Route Map] Feature Request for Timeline/Exposure Sheet

1) Easy rearrangement for frames: Ability to drag and drop to rearrange frames would be really convenient for a quick and smooth usage.

2) Frame Shortcuts: Shortcuts for inserting and deleting frames would be helpful. At least pressing "delete" while a frame is selected in the timeline should delete the frame.

3) Different Frame Type: There should be atleast 2 types of frames. a. Normal frames: That holds a individual drawing (keyframes) b. Blank/spacing frames: that continues the previous drawing without any change.

[Fixed] Issues with grouping object

Hi, I have found some other issues in version compiled from development branch

1) Create new project with default settings
2) Draw 2 lines on first frame
3) Add frame, draw 2 lines on it
4) On first frame select both lines with object selection and group it
5) On second frame also group 2 lines - we can see that onion skin view of lines from first frame disappeared
6) Go to first frame and press on place where were lines - this will select group with invisible lines
7) Ungroup it - lines will appear, group again - now onion skin view of lines from second frame will disappear.

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