[Pending] Corrupted file

Hello! My name is Guacamayo, I'm new using Tupi and an all around newb.
I'm using version 0.2 on Xubuntu.
I imported a bitmap array yesterday and everything was ok, but I couldn't save the project. Today I tried importing again the bitmap array but it would take around 3 hours and in the end the program would block itself, not letting me save the project.
So, I tried using the OSX version (on a Mac, of course) and, although I was able to import the bitmap, I can't open the file on Xubuntu.

[Pending] Preferencias y gradiantes en Windows

En la versión de windows me aparecen destildadas (no se pueden marcar) las opciones para cambiar preferencias o para seleccionar la opción de color para crear una paleta gradiante. Quisiera saber si es así esa versión, y saber si están planeando mejorar esos apartados. Muchas gracias.

Tupi 0.2 revision git05 installer for Mac

It has been a while since we released the Tupi version 0.2 rev git05. For that time, we never published an installer for Mac OSX and the reason is pretty simple: we do not have Apple hardware and we can't afford it, so basically we can't create the installers by ourselves.
Nevertheless, from time to time, someone give us the chance to work a couple of days on a Mac machine so we can build the installer depending on the current version of the project.

[Pending] Papagayo file upload Ubuntu

Hi, Tupi crashes on Ubuntu when I try to upload a 60kb .pgo file. When I used the sample from Papagayo's tutorial files, "vista.pgo" it worked, but it cant seem to upload my file.

What could be the problem?

[Pending] Interface suggestion - timeline and action/project buttons bar

1- There's a huge empty space that can't be used for anything else around timeline button/icons. Can button/icons be placed on the side instead of top area? if so, we gain vertical space and drawing area or timeline layer list can be higher/bigger

2. The project/action buttons (new, save, close, etc) bar is a large empty area. If removed, we gain are vertical space for drawing area. Maybe reposition the bar? or removed from default?

[Out of Context] Windows7 32bits - missing tweening options

I installed win7 (32bits) version in a win8 and I'm running Tupi in compatibility mode (as win7). Not sure if these are bugs or options because this is the 1st (and only) 0.5 version that I tried and I know some interface features changed. Anyway...
- Tweening icons missing: I only have Shear Tweening
- No select object: I only have select nodes (can't select a object)
- No contour fill icon (can't change the contour of a square, only fill the square)
- No group/ungroup icons

[PENDING] Animated image format

Animated gif or apng could be useful for a web manual that I'm writing. Right now, I have to use gimp (gap) for animated gifs but I think Tupi could do this really well.

[SOLVED] Icons also for join in pen properties

In pen properties, we have icons for dashes and cap. I think we also should have icons for join

[SOLVED] Segmentation fault when I cut (scissors) a node/point

If I select a node/point (line selection mode) and press Cut (scissors) Tupi crashes.

[SOLVED] Tried to delete node/point but full object disappears

If during Line Selection mode I try to delete (delete key in keyboard) a node/point, nothing happens. If I go back to Object Seleciton mode, that object is deleted.

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