Tupi 0.2 revision git05 (Amandy)

With the end of the year, a new minor version of Tupi is coming out. This is the first release using Qt5 for all the operating systems. So, what's new this time? Well:
 - Papagayo lip-sync support
 - Time Line component
 - Node resizing enhancement
 - Hand tool refactoring (now called Shift tool)
 - Reset WorkSpace button
 - Group/Ungroup tool

We hope you like this Christmas gift and don't forget to send us all the feedback that helps us to make a better software. Enjoy Tupi! :)

Herramientas sin visualizar

Estoy intentando utilizar el programa por primera vez. Mi sistema operativo es Huayra, y tengo como inconveniente al seguir el tutorial de principiantes, por más que vea activada las opciones, NO me muestra la "biblioteca de objetos" y tampoco la "tabla de exposición".
¿Cómo se pueden visualizar? Gracias

Layer Undo, Color Palette, hand tool y otros.

El reporte es variado pero en su mayoría son reportes de bugs así que decidí ponerlo aquí. En general son 2 bugs críticos, uno menor, una petición y finalmente una pregunta.

Específicamente, grabe un video de estos para ilustrar con claridad a que me refiero, y puedes verlo en este enlace:


En resumen.

1-*Fatal* error cuando borras una capa por equivocación y tratas de deshacer los cambios.
2-*Fatal* Color palette error. Crash usando la paleta de color , no así con el color mixer.


Al intentar abrir un proyecto que acabo de realizar me aparece

Signal 11: Officially known as "segmentation fault", means that the program accessed a memory location that was not assigned. That's usually a bug in the program.

Me ocurre con la versión
/usr/bin/tupi.bin: ELF 64-bit LSB executable, x86-64, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.24, BuildID[sha1]
=ee4f8c99bf75e83146643d62d64a84ac59930f8b, stripped

Tupi (beta) installer for Windows XP

Today I have released a very minimalistic version of Tupi for Windows XP. The fact that Microsoft is not supporting that OS anymore makes harder to provide all the features for this Tupi version. Any way, I wanted to give a little taste of the project to the people who is still working with Windows XP:

Tupi installer for Windows: AT LAST! :D

Finally, one of the hardest goals of this project has been achieved this week. And of course, I must say: it wasn't easy at all but (god dammit) we did it! :D

So here is the first result of this huge effort, a 32-bit installer for Win7:


Right now I keep working on the installers for Windows XP and Win8.x, expecting to release them as soon as they are ready.

The crowdfunding campaign is over: Thank you!

Dear backer,

First at all, I want to say THANK YOU for your contribution to this crazy adventure. 31 days struggling to achieve the proposed goal and finally WE did it: the first version of the Tupi's installer for Windows will be released in a couple of days! :D

In fact, I must confess that few moments of my life have been so intense as this crowdfunding campaign.

Tupi's Crowdfunding Campaign 2014

The countdown for my next crowdfunding campaign [1] is getting close, so I decided to write a little article [2] describing some details of this campaign and several tips for the people wanting to help me on this crusade. Everyone's invited!

Crowdfunding Launch day: July 8 (Tuesday)

[1] https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/tupi-2d-animation-software-for-everyo...
[2] http://www.maefloresta.com/portal/crowdfunding2014

Tupi 0.2 revision git04 (Argentum)

Finally! The latest minor version of Tupi is out! I just want to invite to all our community to download and try this new release.
Some of the features included:

  • Camera Manager (for Stop-motion projects)
  • Action safe area grid
  • Tweener architecture enhanced
  • Gimp palettes support fixed
  • Ruler critical bug fixed

As usual questions, comments and suggestions are very welcome :)

Tupi new minor release: Call for testers!

While the Qt5 port of Tupi keeps advancing, a new minor release of the Qt4 branch is coming ready.
As usual, it's time to ask to our little group of hard testers to try the new features we have been working on.
In this occasion, the most interesting feature seems to be the Camera Manager, which by the way, requires a new dependency: the Qt Mobility package.

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