Tupi 0.2 revision git05 (Amandy)

With the end of the year, a new minor version of Tupi is coming out. This is the first release using Qt5 for all the operating systems. So, what's new this time? Well:
 - Papagayo lip-sync support
 - Time Line component
 - Node resizing enhancement
 - Hand tool refactoring (now called Shift tool)
 - Reset WorkSpace button
 - Group/Ungroup tool

We hope you like this Christmas gift and don't forget to send us all the feedback that helps us to make a better software. Enjoy Tupi! :)

[Pending] Interface suggestion - timeline and action/project buttons bar

1- There's a huge empty space that can't be used for anything else around timeline button/icons. Can button/icons be placed on the side instead of top area? if so, we gain vertical space and drawing area or timeline layer list can be higher/bigger

2. The project/action buttons (new, save, close, etc) bar is a large empty area. If removed, we gain are vertical space for drawing area. Maybe reposition the bar? or removed from default?

[Out of Context] Windows7 32bits - missing tweening options

I installed win7 (32bits) version in a win8 and I'm running Tupi in compatibility mode (as win7). Not sure if these are bugs or options because this is the 1st (and only) 0.5 version that I tried and I know some interface features changed. Anyway...
- Tweening icons missing: I only have Shear Tweening
- No select object: I only have select nodes (can't select a object)
- No contour fill icon (can't change the contour of a square, only fill the square)
- No group/ungroup icons

[PENDING] Animated image format

Animated gif or apng could be useful for a web manual that I'm writing. Right now, I have to use gimp (gap) for animated gifs but I think Tupi could do this really well.

[SOLVED] Icons also for join in pen properties

In pen properties, we have icons for dashes and cap. I think we also should have icons for join

[SOLVED] Segmentation fault when I cut (scissors) a node/point

If I select a node/point (line selection mode) and press Cut (scissors) Tupi crashes.

[SOLVED] Tried to delete node/point but full object disappears

If during Line Selection mode I try to delete (delete key in keyboard) a node/point, nothing happens. If I go back to Object Seleciton mode, that object is deleted.

[SOLVED] Overwrite warning with image array not working

When I export a movie using same name of a previous existent file the expected message pops-up: File exists. Overwrite it?

But if I export an image array with same prefix, the images just overwrite without no warning.

Herramientas sin visualizar

Estoy intentando utilizar el programa por primera vez. Mi sistema operativo es Huayra, y tengo como inconveniente al seguir el tutorial de principiantes, por más que vea activada las opciones, NO me muestra la "biblioteca de objetos" y tampoco la "tabla de exposición".
¿Cómo se pueden visualizar? Gracias

Layer Undo, Color Palette, hand tool y otros.

El reporte es variado pero en su mayoría son reportes de bugs así que decidí ponerlo aquí. En general son 2 bugs críticos, uno menor, una petición y finalmente una pregunta.

Específicamente, grabe un video de estos para ilustrar con claridad a que me refiero, y puedes verlo en este enlace:


En resumen.

1-*Fatal* error cuando borras una capa por equivocación y tratas de deshacer los cambios.
2-*Fatal* Color palette error. Crash usando la paleta de color , no así con el color mixer.

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