About Tupi

Definition and Features

Tupi is:

  • A fork of the KTooN project
  • A design and authoring tool for digital artists interested in 2D Animation, offering an interface experience focused on 8-100 years old kids
  • A software application developed in C++ using the Qt library
  • A free software project under constant redesign and evolution, released under the GPL terms (version 2+)
  • A community of artists and developers around a software project
  • A space for creation and publishing of free animated content

Tupi is NOT :

  • Adobe Flash competition or replacement
  • A development tool for multimedia interactive applications

Software general features (for now) :

  • Modular and friendly interface
  • Preview animation module
  • Basic tools for vectorial illustration (still beta)
  • Time line and Exposure sheet (still beta)
  • Animation export option for many video formats (OGV, AVI, MPEG, SWF) or PNG image arrays

Work Team

Gustav González: Development Leader and Programmer


  • Software architecture design
  • Tupi's components programming
  • Bug fixing and source code re-factoring
  • Patches revision of source code contributions - Software versioning and installer publishing

Education & Experience:

  • Computer Science Degree (Universidad del Valle – Cali/Colombia, 2001)
  • Free software user since 1994
  • Free software advocate / Speaker
  • Ten years experienced Unix sys admin
  • Entrepreneur (free software business models)

Erika Acero: Funding Research and Management


  • To lead all the activities and paperwork necessary to look for funding and support for Tupi around the world.
  • To handle management duties
  • To lead Tupi's Community building

Education & Experience:

  • Pending info

Special Mention

We want to extend special thank you to all the developers and collaborators who have participated in this project with us in the past. They truly deserve a special mention because their commitment to our goals:

  • Jonathan Alzate
  • Monica Ortiz
  • Simena Dinas
  • Fernando Roldan
  • David Cuadrado
  • Jorge Cuadrado
  • Carlos Cajigas
  • Elkin Grueso
  • Cody Clees


Our development team wants to make a special mention to all the institutions and companies that have helped to make possible this dream, and they are: