In this section you will find the software source code and the binaries to enjoy Tupi.

If you want to compile the source code yourself, please check our article about it.

Note: This project is under constant development, so new revisions are released every week. We strongly recommend to official package maintainers for any GNU/Linux distro to update their Tupi installers weekly and share them with us to make them available from this section.

Source Code for GNU/Linux and Mac OS X

Filename: tupi_0.2-git03.tar.gz
MD5sum: 3b7f4334a119c972f04d1ad6ebe7abbe
Download Tupi 0.2-git03

  • For Ubuntu/Debian Unofficial Packages [i386/x86-64] click here
  • For the Mac OSX installer click here
  • If you are interested in to try the Android version of Tupi Mobile either in your cellphone or your desktop, you should take a look at this link
  • Developers, if you're looking for the source code repository, please click here

MS Windows installer?
You can help us to achieve this goal donating a computer to facilitate and accelerate our development process. It's not an easy task, but with your support we can make it come true!

Note: A basic manual and some additional documentation can be found at the Wiki's project.