Tupi crashes with italian locale

I compiled Tupi 0.1-rc12 on a Slackware64 Linux system, but it crashes just after the creation of a new project with my italian locale.
The console output is
QWidget::insertAction: Attempt to insert null action

However if I run
LC_ALL=en_GB tupi
it works great.

If you need an italian translator for some missing asset, I could do it.

Tupí 0.1 revisión git12

El primer día del nuevo año ha traído una nueva revisión. Durante este tiempo he estado trabajando en varios pequeños bugs relacionados con el Administrador de Escenas y la Interfaz del Reproductor.

Feliz Año Nuevo! (Al estilo Tupí)

Animación 2D realizada con Tupí por Gustavo Deveze. Música: Yukikaze - Africa [ disponible en Jamendo ]

Unlocked and Customizable new document presets

It would be very helpful to be able to have custom presets when creating a new document. Sure, you can change the dimensions and frame rate each time you start a new project, but if you choose a preset like the FullHD preset, which is set to 25fps, but then you cannot change the settings. It's locked. You have to go back to the "Free format" option (which should be "Custom") and then type in 1920x1080 and THEN you can choose the right frame rate of, say 24 (animation standard) or 30 (close standard to 29.97 for NTSC,) instead of the PAL setting of 25fps which is the locked default.

Tupí 0.1 revisión git11 alias "Paola"

Hola a todos!

El momento de anunciar una nueva revisión ha llegado de nuevo, pero debo decir que esta vez es especial. Esta publicación no es solo un grupo de correcciones y nuevo código. Créanlo o no, esta vez también es un regalo de bodas!

Mouse navigation control

Being able to move the canvas workspace around with the middle mouse button (scroll wheel) clicked, or zooming in and out with the scroll wheel. These are pretty basic functions and greatly increase the working speed.

Object Properties

Once I've created an object, say a circle, there is no way to change the fill and line color or thickness. This is a huge issue. I have to input all my correct thickness and color settings and THEN create the object. There is no way to change the settings on an object later. This is very limiting and kills a sense of the NLE approach.

Line alignment

There is no way to make a line be aligned to common angles, such as 0°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°, 180°, 270°, 360° - this is a common feature and would be very useful for creating a ground line, for instance.

Item at workspace status panel

There is a little frame number field at the bottom, next to the zoom field. Allow the user to enter the frame number. Remove the pound (#) sign and just let the user learn from tooltips what the field is for.

About the objet rotation feature

  • Switch the rotation hotkey to simply R key. This is much quicker to hit than Alt+R.
  • Second, once the R key is pressed, have the rotation be put into action (instead of just changing the nodes to rotation nodes,) so that the when you move the mouse (or type in the degrees while the object is stuck to your mouse in rotation mode,) the object rotates with it - maybe a left = rotate counterclockwise.
  • Mouse to plus x = clockwise rotation. Distance from origin of object (which can be set,) is the degree of rotation.
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