5. Basic Example

This little example illustrates the steps you must follow to start playing around with the Tupi Multi-artist architecture. We are assuming that you already have installed all the required software and that you are considering the diagram from the point 2 (Minimum Requirements) of this manual.

From Computer A (as sysadmin):

  • Let's start running the server from a console
  • - Log in as user "tupi"
    % sudo su - tupi
    - To start the server, execute:
    % /usr/sbin/tupid &
    You should get an output like this

From Computer B (as sysadmin):

From Computer B and C (as 2D animators):

  • Open the Tupi client from console running the command:
    % /usr/local/tupi/bin/tupi &
    Or looking for the launcher at the Desktop menu:
    Applications -> Graphics -> Tupi: 2D Magic
  • And log in into the server as users "jimy" and "tom" respectively, clicking on File -> Open project from server (from the top menu) [Reference #1] [Reference #2]
  • The projects list dialog will show up, then choose to open the file "test01" [Reference #1] [Reference #2]
  • Trace a black line in the workspace from Computer B and watch how it appears in the workspace from Computer C automatically [Reference #1] [Reference #2]
  • Now, from Computer C change the brush color for red and trace another line and check how it appears in the workspace from Computer B [Reference #1] [Reference #2]
  • Ok, let's try the chat window from the bottom panel (click on button "Communications"), sending a little message from user "tom" to user "jimy" and vice versa [Reference #1] [Reference #2] [Reference #3] [Reference #4]
  • Tip: If you want to create new projects from the Tupi client, you can do it following these steps:
     * Click on "New Project" button
     * Pick up "Multi-artist project" option
     * Click on tab "Network" tab
     * Fill in the form with your data
     * Click on "Ok" button
    [Reference #1] [Reference #2] [Reference #3] [Reference #4]

After this first experience, we guess you are ready to discover and enjoy all the potential of Multi-artist Animation for yourself, so we invite you to be very creative!

Note: Feel free to send us comments, questions, suggestions, bugs reports or whatever you want to help us to improve this project.

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