Call for testers! (third and last round)

After several weeks of hard work fixing many bugs and adding some new handy features, it's time to share the third beta release of Tupi and make the call to our community to run the last round of tests before launching the next official minor release.

So, if you are a Linux digital artist and want to play with this beta version, please join the party, your feedback is very welcome! :)

Call for testers! (second round)

After two weeks of very hard work, I have updated the source code of our next release. A bunch of handy features have been included, so I would like to invite to everyone interested in the project to test this new beta version and share with us all the possible feedback (bugs, comments, suggestions).
Please, take a look at these videos to find out the new features of Tupi included in this previous release:

Tupi new minor release: Call for testers!

After several weeks working on some new features, it's time to make an intensive session of bug hunting and hard testing to the new code.
So, I would like to invite to all my friends to download this tarball (with the latest source code) of Tupi and try to make some examples based on these little videos I made few days ago (test 1 - test 2).

Thank-you Note

As the developer leader of this project, I want to say T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U S-O M-U-C-H to all the supporters of our first crowdfunding campaign.

Although our goal wasn't reached, to know that there are more than 100 persons around the world wanting to help us is a great compliment for all the people related to this project, starting for me (of course!).

Tupi launches its first KickStarter campaign!

After one month of hard work making the video and preparing the content of the campaign, finally the people of KickStarter gave us green light to launch our most important crowdfunding initiative since the beginning of the project.

The official page of this campaign is available at:

Tupi + Tooltip issue + Ubuntu

A long time ago, many people asked me to fix a really annoying bug specially popular in the Ubuntu default interface (Unity): the blank/empty tool-tips.

After a while, I found out that this bug is not related to Tupi directly, but to Qt and some Linux interfaces as Unity.

Today I was playing around with the "qtconfig" tool and finally I found a way to get the tool-tips back for Qt applications.

Here is the video, explaining the way to fix it:

Note: Take a look at the video description for details.

tupi.xml:9: namespace error

Description of problem:
/usr/share/mime/packages/tupi.xml:9: namespace error : Namespace prefix desktop on can-edit-with is not defined

Version-Release number of selected component (if applicable): tupi-0.2-0.09122012.2

How reproducible: always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. urpmi tupi or update-mime-database /usr/share/mime

to delete in /usr/share/mime/packages/tupi.xml:

Tupi Mobile 1.0: First version for Android

As part of the development of, a very first mobile application was born as a little fork of Tupi. This first release is just a basic vector graphic editor, but our goal is to keep working on its code until make it a vector animation environment for tablets.

Right now, the app is available in Google Play for free (as freedom), so if you are an Android user, go for it! :) : Call for testers!

After spending hundred of nights and every weekend of the last two years of my life, finally, the first version of is ready for real users testing. is a collaboration platform focused on 2D graphics which is very integrated to the Tupi application, allowing users to post their images, storyboards and videos in a very easy way. Here, a little manual about how to do it.

Tupi 0.2 revision git02

Hello there!

Once again it's time for a new minor release of the experimental branch of Tupi.
Most of the changes are not related to the animation interface, but to the features related to a new platform I have been working on the last two years:

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