Tupi now running on OS X using Macports!

Once again, my friend Cristian Cepeda makes a great contribution to this project: now Tupi can be compiled on Mac OSX using Macports! which means that the process is more consistent with the Mac architecture, so, our way to the .dmg installer is getting short. Thanks Cristian! :D

LGM 2012: Getting closer! :D

Heading to Libre Graphics Meeting 2012

Today I submitted a talk of Tupi to the LGM, one of the most important events about Graphics and Free Software around the world. This year the meeting is at Vienna, Austria and I would love to be there to spread the word about Tupi and to show the latest (stunning) features I have been working on.

For now, all I can do is wait and see if my talk is accepted. Please, cross your fingers! :P

2D Magic from the classrooms in India

This week I got an special email coming from my friend Hassainar Mankada, he is a school teacher in the Kerala's state, India.
He shared with me some pictures of his students using Tupi during their Animation class and now I want to share them with you.

Pictures like these make my day :)

An example of cutout animation using Tupi

With a lot of help from my friend Gustavo Deveze and the special collaboration of Jon "Maddog" Hal, it's my pleasure to announce our first short film using only free software tools (including Tupi). Take a look at our very latest work:

Now, from the Debian universe too!

Last night I got a message coming from Dmitry Smirnov, telling me that Tupi now is part of the package repository of Debian! [1]
Although often I was releasing a home-made deb package of Tupi, the true is that there wasn't any official relationship between this project and the Debian community. From now, things have changed.

The best of this news is that Tupi will be available for all the Debian derivates and most of its platforms!

- [1] http://mentors.debian.net/package/tupi

Tupi crashes with italian locale

I compiled Tupi 0.1-rc12 on a Slackware64 Linux system, but it crashes just after the creation of a new project with my italian locale.
The console output is
QWidget::insertAction: Attempt to insert null action

However if I run
LC_ALL=en_GB tupi
it works great.

If you need an italian translator for some missing asset, I could do it.

Tupi 0.1 revision git12

The first day of the new year comes with a new revision. This time I have been working around many small bugs related to the Scenes Manager and the Player Interface.

Happy New Year! (Tupi style)

2D animation made using Tupi by Gustavo Deveze. Music: Yukikaze - Africa [ from Jamendo ]

Unlocked and Customizable new document presets

It would be very helpful to be able to have custom presets when creating a new document. Sure, you can change the dimensions and frame rate each time you start a new project, but if you choose a preset like the FullHD preset, which is set to 25fps, but then you cannot change the settings. It's locked. You have to go back to the "Free format" option (which should be "Custom") and then type in 1920x1080 and THEN you can choose the right frame rate of, say 24 (animation standard) or 30 (close standard to 29.97 for NTSC,) instead of the PAL setting of 25fps which is the locked default.

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