Alpha value field in the Palette Color panel

The alpha value combo only shows few pre-defined values. This control must provide a range of values from 0 to 255 and the history option has to be enhanced.

Tupi Community: Important announcement!

Hello there! After my last trip to Foz do Iguaçu, I'm very happy to see how our project is getting visibility around the world. Although the spreading speed is slow, every day more people are talking about Tupi, which makes me very proud :)

Cannot Access "Properties"

I am using Ubuntu 11.04 and when I use Tupi I cannot access Properties under "Edit>Properties" - it's grayed out right now.

When fullscreen, accessing color palette makes program go whacky

When fullscreen on a non-widescreen (it's a 4:3 aspect ratio, not 16:9,) monitor, trying to use the color palette and then proceed to draw on the canvas makes the color palette open and close, as though I'm still working with the color palette. You have exit the default full screen and then the program doesn't all fit on the screen.

Se cierra cuando selecciono un objeto y luego le doy click derecho

Si por ejemplo tengo un objeto creado y lo selecciono y luego le doy click derecho para hacer cualquiera de las opciones que me da el click derecho sobre un objeto este revienta un error y es molesto porque si no he guardado se me borra todo, ademas de que el botón de la herramienta borrador esta desactivado y el botón de activación de la linea de tiempo también esta desactivado...!!!

Tupi invited to Latinoware 2011!

Hello guys, next week (19-21 Oct.) I'll be coding from Foz do Iguaçu (BR), attending for second time one of the greatest Free Software events of America: Latinoware 2011.

Getting Started Guide for Tupi developers (ver 0.1)

After many months postponing this task, the last weekend I decided to write the "Getting Started Guide for Tupi developers". I'm not sure how many people is going to read it but at least, my conscience is clean now ;)

The document is available from the Docs section or from the url:

Depending on the feedback, I will extend this manual based on the questions and requirements of other developers.

Multiple tweens for an object

In a short view, the only major limitation I find in Tupi is the missing option of setting multiple tweens to the same object, i.e. rotate it and move it at the same time. Is there any architecture issue/restriction to allow this?

Project dimensions not used

When creating new projects the dimension settings is not actually used in the created scene. All created scenes are 520x380.
Here's two screenshots with different project dimensions;
They both look exactly the same. Also pointer position values in application bottom left shows X:520 Y:380 when positioning at lower right canvas corner.

Project dimension ratio locked.

Project dimensions are locked to roughtly 4:3 (not exactly but roughly in that aspect ratio).

Would like height/width ratio to be independent from each other. Perhaps with a toggle to lock aspect ratio so they can be scaled together.

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