Our value proposition
For Educational Institutions

Artistic activities focused on 2D animation for elementary and high school teachers and students. This service may include:
  • Talks about 2D animation oriented to young public. Using a simple and fun language we introduce to young audiences into the incredible world of animation industry, explaining interesting details about how series and movies are created from the very beginning of the process, until they are launched at TV and movie theaters. A very educative but cool content for kids.
  • 2D Animation Workshops. Using our own method, we develop frame-by-frame animation skills in students through a series of easy-to-follow exercises, making our classes very interesting and fun to your school students.
  • 2D Animation contests. After a nice introduction to our software, the students are able to develop small exercises of 2D animation focused on specific or free topics motivated by a fun prize.
For Companies

BTL (marketing) playfulness events for brands interested in to run campaigns oriented to children and teenagers as target. Using art and 2D animation as the main ingredients, we design an execute a fun experience focused on to develop empathy and loyalty on potential customers for specific products.

For Non-Profit Organizations

2D animation courses and workshops. We believe in art as a powerful tool to support and to promote educational processes, therefore we are very interested in to create alliances and agreements with non-profit organizations to take our value proposition to children and young people from poor communities with social problems.

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Note: All our services are supported by Tupi, our own 2D animation software.