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 +[[fedora_packaging|Back to RPM HowTo]]
 +=====Tupi RPM spec file (tupi.spec)=====
 +# This is the spec file for Tupi
 +Name: tupi
 +Version: 0.2
 +Release: 1%{?dist}
 +Summary: Tupi: Open 2D Magic
 +License: GPLv3+
 +URL: http://​
 +Source: http://​​portal/​files/​tupi-0.2.tar.gz
 +BuildRequires:​ ruby, zlib-devel, quazip-devel
 +BuildRequires:​ qconf, qt4-devel >= 4.7
 +BuildRequires:​ libtheora-devel,​ libogg-devel
 +# BuildRequires:​ ffmpeg, ffmpeg-libs,​ ffmpeg-devel
 +2D vectorial/​animation environment for digital artists
 +%setup -q
 +#make %{?​_smp_mflags} <- Compilation fails with this option
 +make install DESTDIR=%{buildroot}
 +find %{buildroot} -name \*.la | xargs rm -f
 +* Fri Oct 26 2012 Gustav Gonzalez <​>​ - 0.2-1
 +- Making of RPM
 +[[fedora_packaging|Back to RPM HowTo]]
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