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a) Getting help:

  • Show help for a command
    • git help command OR git command –help

b) Repository creation:

  • Create a repository in the current directory
    • git init
  • Clone a remote repository into a subdirectory
    • git clone url

c) File operations:

  • Add file or files in directory recursively
    • git add path
  • Remove file or directory from the working tree
    • git rm path
      • -f : Force deletion of file(s) from disk
  • Move file or directory to new location
    • git mv path destination
      • -f : Overwrite existing destination files
  • Restore file from current branch or revision
    • git checkout [rev] file
      • -f : Overwrite uncommitted local changes

d) Working tree:

  • Show status of the working tree
    • git status
  • Show diff of changes in the working tree
    • git diff [path]
  • Show diff of stages and unstaged changes
    • git diff HEAD path
  • Stage file for commit
    • git add path
  • Unstage file for commit
    • git reset HEAD path
  • Commit files that has been staged (with git-add)
    • git commit
      • -a : Automatically stage all modified files
  • Undo commit & keep changes in the working tree
    • git reset –soft HEAD^
  • Reset the working tree to the last commit
    • git reset –hard HEAD^
  • Clean unknown files from the working tree
    • git clean
  • Record the current state of the working directory and clean it
    • git stash

e) Examining History:

  • View commit log, optionally for specific path
    • git log [path]
  • View commit log for a given revision range
    • git log [from[]]
      • –stat : List diffstat for each revision
      • -S'pattern' : Search history for changes matching pattern
  • Show file annotated with line modifications
    • git blame [file]

f) Remote repositories - remotes:

  • Fetch changes from a remote repository
    • git fetch [remote]
  • Fetch and merge changes from a remote repository
    • git pull [remote]
  • Push changes to a remote repository
    • git push [remote]
  • List remote repositories
    • git remote
  • Add remote to list of tracked repositories
    • git remote add remote url

g) Branches:

  • Switch working tree to branch
    • git checkout branch
      • -b branch : Create branch before switching to it
  • List local branches
    • git branch
  • Overwrite existing branch, start from revision
    • git branch -f branch rev
  • Merge changes from branch
    • git merge branch

h) Exporting and importing:

  • Apply patch from stdin
    • git apply - < file
  • Format a patch with log message and diffstat
    • git format-patch from[]
  • Export snapshot of revision to file
    • git archive rev > file
      • –prefix=dir/ : Nest all files in the snapshot in directory
      • –format=[tar|zip] : Specify archive format to use: tar or zip

i) Tags:

  • Create tag for a given revision
    • git tag name [revision]
      • -s : Sign tag with your private key using GPG
      • -l [pattern] : List tags, optionally matching pattern

j) File status flags:

  • M (modified) : File has been modified
  • C (copy-edit) : File has been copied and modified
  • R (rename-edit) : File has been renamed and modified
  • A (added) : File has been added
  • D (deleted) : File has been deleted
  • U (unmerged) : File has conflicts after a merge

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