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How to compile Tupi from source code (OSX)

Once again, Cristian Cepeda is helping us to bring Tupi closer to the Mac world. This time, adding a new way to compile it using a friendly package manager called Macports.

Note: To build and install Tupi on Mac OSX following this article, the Terminal application is required. This tool can be located at /Applications/Utilities/Terminal using the Finder application. The Terminal is just a command console (terminal emulator), so if you have no experience using it, we recommend you to take a look at this little guide:

Now, when you feel ready to compile/install Tupi from source code, please follow the instructions below:

1. Install the XCode Developer Tools available at:

If your OSX version is Lion, try version 4.1 or later and include the package called “Command Line Tools for Xcode”

If your OSX version is Snow Leopard, try version 3.2

Note: An Apple ID account is required to download XCode.

2. Install Libav

3. Install Ogg library

4. Install Theora library

5. Download Tupi source code from GitHub:

  • mkdir -p /Users/username/tupi/sources (where username is your user account name in the OSX system)
  • cd /Users/username/tupi/sources

6. Move into project's directory:

  • cd tupi

7. Run the configure script:

  • ./configure –prefix=/Users/username/tupi/installer –with-libav=/usr/local –with-quazip=/usr/local –with-theora=/usr/local –bindir=/Users/username/tupi/installer

8. Compile the project:

  • make

9. Install binaries and resources:

  • make install

10. Create the .dmg installer:

  • cd /Users/username/tupi/sources/tupi
  • ./tools/ /Users/username/tupi/sources/tupi /Users/username/tupi/installer

11. Look for the .dmg file at the path /Users/username/tupi/installer and install it. Now you can enjoy Tupi! (like we do).

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