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 +[[start#​Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)|Back to Main Page]]
 +=====MaeFloresta FAQ=====
 +====- General====
 +===1. What is TupiTube Desk?===
 +TupiTube Desk a 2D animation free software for 8 to 100 years old kids. It's a desktop tool designed as an introductory application for children, teenagers and amateur artists into the 2D animation world.  ​
 +===2. What is TupiTube App?===
 +TupiTube App is the mobile version of TupiTube. It's design is much more simpler than the desktop version, providing a user experience focused on the screen size and resources of cellphones and tablets. ​
 +===3. Where I can find animation examples made using TupiTube?​===
 +You can find examples and demos of TupiTube at our [[https://​​c/​maefloresta|Youtube channel]] and several source files at our [[https://​|Store]].
 +===4. Where I can get support about TupiTube and TupiTube App?===
 +The main channels people can use to ask us for support are:
 +   * [[https://​​tupitube|Facebook Fan Page]]
 +   * [[https://​​tupitube|Twitter Account]]
 +   * [[https://​​tupitube|Youtube Channel]]
 +   * [[http://​​portal/​contact_us.php#​Mail|MaeFloresta Contact Form]]  ​
 +===5, Is there a route map related to TupiTube'​s development?​===
 +Yes. TupiTube'​s route map can be consulted in this [[Tupi Route Map|document]].
 +====- Technical Topics====
 +===1. Where do I download TupiTube?​===
 +TupiTube installers are available from the MaeFloresta website. Look for the Dowload links in the [[http://​​portal/​downloads.php#​Downloads|Projects section]]. ​
 +===2. How do I install TupiTube?​===
 +For instructions about how to install TupiTube, please visit our [[install_tupi|installation manual]].
 +===3. Why TupiTube doesn'​t have an eraser tool?===
 +TupiTube'​s project started as a 100% vector-based 2D animation editor. As every element in the canvas is a vector object, the "​eraser tool" has no much sense in that context. Nevertheless,​ we know how important is this tool for digital artists, so what we are doing right now is designing a "​raster mode" for TupiTube. With this option, we expect to include not only the eraser tool, but a large set of new brushes.
 +===4. Can I use sound files within my TupiTube projects?​===
 +The sound support for TupiTube is still under development. For now, you have to use a video editor to merge your animations with sound effects, but we are very aware about the priority of this feature that we expect to implement completely in the middle term.
 +[[start#​Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)|Back to Main Page]]