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FAQ sobre MaeFloresta


- Geral

O que é Tupi?

Tupi 2D Magic is a 2D animation free software for 8 to 100 years old kids. It's a desktop tool designed as an introductory application for children, teenagers and amateur artists into the 2D animation world.

O que é Tupi FlipBook?

Tupi FlipBook is the mobile version of Tupi. It's design is much more simpler than the desktop version, providing a user experience focused on the screen size and resources of cellphones and tablets.

Where I can find animation examples made using Tupi?

You can find examples and demos of Tupi at our Youtube channel and some source files at our Examples section.

Where I can get support about Tupi and Tupi FlipBook?

The main channels people can use to ask us for support are:

- Technical Topics

Where do I download Tupi?

Tupi installers are available from the MaeFloresta website. Look for the Dowload links in the Projects section.

How do I install Tupi?

For instructions about how to install Tupi, please visit our installation manual.

Why Tupi doesn't have eraser tool?

Tupi's project started as a 100% vector-based 2D animation editor. As every element in the canvas is a vector object, the “eraser tool” has no much sense in that context. Nevertheless, we know how important is this tool for digital artists, so what we are doing right now is designing a “raster mode” for Tupi. With this option, we expect to include not only the eraser tool, but a large set of new brushes.

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