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How to compile Quazip in Windows

Note: this manual assumes that you already installed and configured Qt in your system.

1. Download and install the Zlib package for Windows available from

Note: The default installation path is C:\GnuWin32

2. Download the Quazip source code from:

3. Open the zip file and get in to the directory quazip-0.6.2

  • C:\> cd quazip-0.6.2
  • C:\> cd quazip

4. Run the qmake command with these parameters:

  • C:\> qmake “LIBS+=C:\GnuWin32\lib\zlib.lib” “PREFIX=C:\Quazip”

5. Run the command make to compile and install the Quazip library:

  • C:\> make
  • C:\> make install

Now you can use it for your Qt projects, understanding that:

  LIBS += -LC:\Quazip\lib\ -lquazip
  INCLUDEPATH += C:\Quazip\include\quazip

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