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Tupi's Website - English page - Página en Español

1. Introdução


Welcome to MaeFloresta's Documentation Wiki. In this place you will find all the official documentation related to our software projects: manuals, tutorials, examples and miscellaneous resources to make your 2D animation immersion a fun and intuitive experience.
Of course, this is a public repository, so the contribution from volunteers is very welcome, specially for the translation of all our documents to any language.

Note: Due this wiki is a pretty nice target for spammers, we had restricted the anonymous access to edit pages. So, if you want to join our documentation team, please contact us, asking for a wiki account.

2. Sobre as regras

With the intention of ensuring a clear and tidy documentation, we strongly recommend you to read our Guia de Edição do Wiki and follow its basic rules.

3. Manual Básico do Tupi

This is the introductory manual of Tupi 2D Magic, our 2D animation desktop tool for children from 8 to 100 years old.

4. Primeiro Exercício do Animação usando Tupi

This is a basic tutorial designed for those who are trying Tupi for the first time and want to make their first animation exercise.

5. Diversos Tutoriais do Tupi

Esta é uma coleção de vários manuais e tutoriais escritos por diferentes usuários ao redor do mundo.

7. Recursos Externos

Links relacionados com diferentes recursos sobre animação 2D.

8. Recursos para Desenvolvedores

Esta é uma coleção de tutoriais e manuais técnicos sobre nossos projetos de código aberto.

9. Créditos

This is the place where we want to say THANK YOU to all the people who are helping us to spread our word and raise our voice all around the world :)

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