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-[[basic_manual#​Player ​Module|Back to Basic Manual]]+[[basic_manual#​News Module|Back to Basic Manual]]
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 =====News Module===== =====News Module=====
 +The News Module is our straight communication channel with Tupi's global community directly from the software interface itself. It is mainly composed by three elements:
 +    * A reference of our latest Tupi version (with an optional message if you need to update your current installation)
 +    * Links to our main social network channels ([[https://​​tupitube|Facebook]],​ [[https://​​maefloresta|Twitter]] and [[https://​​c/​maefloresta|Youtube]])
 +    * An updated copy of our Twitter'​s account timeline
 +{{ wiki:​tupi_news_module.png }}
 +**Fig 27**. News Module Interface
 +Well, this is our general review of the Tupi interface. Now, it's the right time to try our [[basic_example|first exercise!]]
 +**Note:** If you are a newbie, don't forget to check the [[[[basic_manual#​|annexes]] of this manual.
 +[[basic_manual#​News Module|Back to Basic Manual]]
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