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TupiTube Desk Command Shortcuts

General Operations

Shortcut Action Notes
Ctrl + N Start new project
Ctrl + O Open existing project
Ctrl + S Save current project
Ctrl + Shift + S Save current project as
Ctrl + W Close current project
Ctrl + P Open preferences dialog
Shift + G Import Gimp palette
Ctrl + 1 Go to Animation module
Ctrl + 2 Go to Player module
Ctrl + 3 Go to News module
Alt + B Insert Image
Alt + S Insert SVG File
Alt + Shift + B Insert bitmap sequence
Alt + Shift + S Insert SVG sequence
Ctrl + T Show tip of the day
Ctrl + K Show “About” dialog
Ctrl + Q Exit Tupi

Animation Module

Shortcut Action Notes
Shift + P Open/Close color palette
Shift + B Open/Close brush properties
Shift + L Open/Close object library
Shift + T Open/Close timeline
Shift + C Open/Close scene manager
Shift + E Open/Close table of exposure
Shift + left-click Change brush size
F1 Open/Close help manual
P Pencil
R Rectangle
C Ellipse
L Line
S Polyline
Shift + W Position tween
Shift + R Rotation tween
Shift + S Scale tween
Shift + H Shear tween
Shift + O Opacity tween
Shift + C Coloring tween
N Node selection
O Object selection
I Internal color fill
B Contour color fill
Ctrl + Z Undo
Ctrl + Y Repeat
Ctrl + C Copy object
Ctrl + V Paste object
Ctrl + X Cut object
DEL Delete object
U Onion Skin
G Show/Hide grid
F11 Show/Hide full-screen mode
Ctrl + G Group selection
Ctrl + Shift + G Ungroup selection
Ctrl + Alt Rotate workspace
Page Up Go to previous frame
Page Down Go to next frame
Ctrl + Page Down Extend current frame
Ctrl + Page Up Delete current frame

Scene Manager

Shortcut Action Notes
Not defined Add new scene
Not defined Remove scene

Exposure Table

Shortcut Action Notes
F5 Add new layer
Not defined Extend layer
F6 Delete layer
Not defined Move layer forward
Not defined Move layer backward
Not defined Block layer
9 Add new frame
Not defined Extend frame
Minus (-) Delete current frame
F8 Move frame backward
F9 Move frame forward
F10 Block frame

Player Module

Shortcut Action Notes
Spacebar Play/Stop animation
Shift + Spacebar Play animation backward
Left Arrow Play frame by frame backward
Right Arrow Play frame by frame forward
Ctrl + L Enable/Disable loop option
Not defined Increase FPS
Not defined Decrease FPS
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