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Tupi Command Shortcuts

General Operations

Shortcut Action Notes
Ctrl + N Start new project
Ctrl + O Open project
Ctrl + S Save current project
Ctrl + Shift + S Save current project as
Ctrl + W Close current project
Ctrl + P Open preferences dialog
Ctrl + G Import Gimp palette
Ctrl + 1 Go to Animation module
Ctrl + 2 Go to Player module
Ctrl + 3 Go to News module
Alt + B Insert picture
Alt + S Insert SVG File
Alt + Shift + B Insert bitmap sequence
Alt + Shift + S Insert svg sequence
Ctrl + T Tip of the day
Ctrl + K About Tupi
Ctrl + Q Exit Tupi

Animation Module

Shortcut Action Notes
Shift + P Open/Close Palette
Shift + B Open/Close Brush Properties
Shift + L Open/Close Object Library
Shift + T Open/Close Timeline
Shift + C Open/Close Scene Manager
Shift + E Open / Close Table of exposure
Shift + H Open / Close Help Manual
P Pencil
E Draft
R Rectangle
C Ellipse
T Line
S Polyline
T Text
Shift + W Tween Position
Shift + R Rotation Tween
Shift + S Tween Scale
Shift + O Opacity Tween
Shift + U Color Tween
Shift + C Composed Tween
N Node selection
O Object selection
I Internal color fill
B Contour color fill
Ctrl + Z Undo
Ctrl + Y Repeat
Ctrl + C Copy object
Ctrl + V Paste object
Ctrl + X Cut object
DEL Delete object
# Toggle grid
F11 Toggle Full-Screen mode
Ctrl + G Group selection
Ctrl + Shift + G Ungroup selection
Ctrl + plus (+) Add layer of onion skin behind
Ctrl + minus (-) Remove a layer of onion skin behind
Shift + plus (+) Add a layer of onion skin in front
Shift + minus (-) Remove a layer of onion skin in front
Ctrl + A Select all items
Shift + Ctrl + Left Button Rotate workspace
Page Up Go to previous frame
Page Down Go to next frame
Ctrl + Page Down Copy & paste current into next frame
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