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How to build Debian/Ubuntu packages of Tupi

1. Read all this guideline:

Warning: To make a .deb package is a complex process (at least, in my humble opinion). So, if you want to do it well, please, read the whole document ;)

2. If you want to make a real .deb package, please, create your own PGP signature and do all the stuff described here:

3. Install all the dependencies required to build Debian packages in your system:

  • sudo apt-get install build-essential devscripts ubuntu-dev-tools debhelper dh-make diffutils patch cdbs quilt gnupg fakeroot lintian pbuilder piuparts

4. Ensure you can compile Tupi manually and in a clean way from your Debian based distro, as is described in this article

5. Get a copy of this script, read it, understand it and then, edit it to fix your needs

6. Run the script and go for a coffe cup :P

  • ./

Note: In many points, the script will ask you for your PGP signature password

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