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-[[start#​About Collaboration and Contributions|Back to Main Page]] 
-=====Want to help us?===== 
-If you want to help us to improve our open source projects and their impact around the world, there are many ways to do it. These are some of them: 
-====As User / Digital Artist==== ​ 
-    * Install [[http://​​tupi/​downloads|Tupi and Tupi FlipBook]] in your computer and mobile devices and make yourself an expert creating 2D animations. 
-    * Tell to your friends about this project. Help us to spread the word from your social networks. ​ 
-    * Make manuals, videos or any kind of content to support another animators wanting to learn how to use Tupi and Tupi FlipBook. 
-    * Create and post little animation projects in your website, blog, etc. 
-    * [[http://​​tupi/​project/​issues?​projects=&​status=All&​priorities=All&​categories=All|Report the bugs]] you find in our software. 
-    * Visit our [[http://​​tupi/​forum|forums]] to solve questions and help another animators. 
-    * Visit our [[https://​​c/​maefloresta|Youtube channel]] and watch our examples and mini-tutorials. 
-    * [[http://​​tupi/​donations|Make a donation]] to the project. From USD 1 dollar, any contribution you make will help us to hire more developers, acquire better hardware to develop and pay the maintenance of our website. Your support will become in shorter development cycles and better versions of our open source projects. 
-====As Teacher==== 
-    * Invite your students to download and use Tupi. 
-    * Include 2D animation homework as part of the activities in your classes. 
-    * Encourage your students to create small animations as inspiring examples for other students, other classes, even other schools. 
-    * Write tutorials and invite your students to help you in the process. 
-    * Create animated content to support your classes using Tupi. A lot of teachers are already doing it around the world! 
-====As Developer==== 
-    * Download [[https://​​xtingray/​tupi|Tupi'​s source code]] and study it. 
-    * Help us to write documentation of all the software components of Tupi. Diagrams and visual resources are very handy to introduce another programmers into the project'​s architecture in a simple and quick way. 
-    * Check our [[http://​​tupi/​project/​issues?​projects=&​status=All&​priorities=All&​categories=All|bugs report]] and help us to fix the bugs reported by users. Create patches with the fixes and share them with our development team. 
-    * Check our To-Do list and help us to implement any of the new pending features. 
-Regardless of the role you choose, all your contributions as member of this community are fundamental for the development and enhancement process of our open source projects. Welcome to our team! :D 
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