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 +[[start_pt#​Sobre as regras|Voltar à Página Principal]]
 +====Guia de Edição do Wiki ====
 +In order to ensure a documentation repository easy to read and to extend, we have designed this list of handy recommendations:​
 +    * If you have no idea about how to edit a wiki, just start learning [[https://​​start?​id=pt-br:​wiki:​syntax|aqui]].
 +    * As our software products are under constant development,​ the documentation of this wiki is dynamic and changes often between version releases. We recommend you to check the English version of the documents, due this language is the reference for all the translations. ​
 +    * When create new pages, do it using the same name for the link as in English but adding the extension of your language. In example: init page is named "​start"​ for English, "​start_es"​ for Spanish, "​start_pt"​ for Portuguese and so on.
 +    * Write ensuring good spelling and grammar. Use a nice and friendly language. Bad ways are not welcome. ;)
 +    * If you want to translate a document, try to follow the same structure from the original. In this way, it's easier to check and review every translation.
 +    * When you create a page, ensure to include a link to get back to some point, following a logical hierarchy.
 +    * Don't include links from commercial or personal websites within pages. Put your personal information in the [[credits|Credits]] page if you want to get the recognition for your contribution. **Note:** The [[credits|Credits]] page is the only document without translations.
 +    * Spam habits are the most horrible thing in the Internet. Please, don't even try it in this wiki!
 +And that's all, welcome to our wiki! :D