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How to compile Tupi from source code (Windows 7 - 32 bit)

Warning: The official Tupi installers for Windows are only available from our SourceForge repository. Avoid to download them from other Internet sites.

1. Download the dependencies required to compile Tupi

2. Install the dependencies into the following paths:

  • Qt must be installed into C:\Qt-5.3.2
  • Libav must be installed into C:\libav
  • Git must be installed into the default path but ensuring its commands are available from the Windows console
  • Quazip source code must be uncompressed at C:\tupi\sources\quazip-0.7

3. Ensure the following Qt paths are included in your system variable PATH:

  • C:\Qt-5.3.2\5.3\mingw482_32\bin
  • C:\Qt-5.3.2\Tools\mingw482_32\bin

This step is required to have access to the Qt commands from console. To verify this step, open a Windows terminal and type:

  • qmake -version

You should get an output similar to this:

C:\Users\me> qmake -version
QMake version 3.0
Using Qt version 5.3.2 in C:/Qt-5.3.2/5.3/mingw482_32/lib

4. Compile and install the Quazip library

From the Windows console run these commands:

  • cd C:\tupi\sources\quazip-0.7
  • qmake -config release “LIBS+=C:\libav\bin\zlib1.dll” “PREFIX=C:\Quazip”
  • make
  • make install

5. Download the Tupi source code

From the Windows console run these commands:

6. Compile the Tupi source code

From the Windows console run these commands:

  • cd C:\tupi\sources\tupi
  • qmake -config release
  • make

7. Prepare the libraries required by Tupi

  • Create the path C:\tupi\sources\qt5
  • Execute the script located at: C:\tupi\sources\tupi\tools\win32\qt5.bat
  • Create the path C:\tupi\sources\libav
  • Execute the script located at: C:\tupi\sources\tupi\tools\win32\libav.bat

8. Install the Tupi binaries in your system

  • Execute the script located at: C:\tupi\sources\tupi\tools\win32\copy.vbs
  • The Tupi installation path will be: C:\maefloresta

9. Enjoy Tupi!

To run Tupi, execute the file: C:\maefloresta\bin\tupi.bat

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